thats adorbs yo
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Your name is Meenah Peixes and you aren't taking any shit from anyone anymore.
M!A: None.

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oh+sorry+didnt+realize+explains+the+ fuchsia 



i dont think a lowblood would have this much fuschia on their blog now would they
whale i guess that if their moirail or mateprit was an heiress they would but minnow what im tryin to say

aw come on
thats it
im uppin your punk level to eleven thousand an you cant do anyfin aboat it ocray





whale of course im gonna be shella vain
(or at least i used to be but w/e)
actually im gonna change ma answer
im dolphinitely a solid twelve thousand

aw come on gill
you should give yourshellf a little bit more credit than that
i mean sayin that youre only two thousand makes you sound R-E-ELY lame minnow


  • imperial-punk


( =①ω①=) < M333333333NAH!!! HOW HAVE YOU B33N?

oh hey there meulin
im fine but i gotta admit that im reely glubbin bored
an howre you doin



aw come on
thats wave too small of a scale to be usin
ocray so on a scale from one to a thousand (with one bein the least of course) im a solid five thousand
what aboat you


sup meenah


youre still heartbroken about it?


oh hey there
its nice to sea you shouty
an i guess its sorta nice to sea you too shaggy 2 cape
so howre you two doin


Cronus waited for a reply, seeing as how the Highblood that sat before him gave the violet blood no verbal response. Instead, she gave him a glare that probably answered all his questions and silently said everything. Though, because Cronus had a think skull and wanted a verbal reply, not that he needed, he waited. Which probably made him seem stupid and couldn’t take a hint. Oh, well. That has never stopped him before and that’s not going to now. He knew it was probably going to piss off Meenah and that’s not really a good way to start out a possible friendship, but once again, Cronus didn’t care. “vwell?”

Meenah gave the sleazy seadweller a look that said ‘can’t you take a fucking hint?’ She turned her attention back to the tv screen where the previews for old movies were playing. “no i dont want anyfin” she replied, annoyed that the violet blood can’t take a hint for the life of him. “can you just sit down and watch this thing with me already? i dont got all day to bait for you” the ex-heiress says, just wanting to get this over with as soon as possible. Honestly, she hated people asking her questions with on obvious answer, like ‘is being dead cool?’ and ‘do ghosts have to pee?’ and she hated Cronus asking them even more. The fuschia blood wondered why she agreed to this in the first place. She knew that it was going to be absolutely awful doing anything with him. She mentally cursed herself for not blowing him off while she scooted over to give Cronus a little room to sit down.


I’ve }{eard t}{at t}{ey’re t}{e most attractive 13eings in creation. I can’t verify t}{at since I’m 13lind, 13ut it’s 13een said often enoug}{. T}{e Emperor was evil 13ut }{e’s c}{anged. T}{e Condesce I’ve }{eard is still pretty evil t}{oug}{! S}{e’s so cool; I even ran into }{er once!

O}{ wow! }{ow long }{ave you 13een dead? W}{at’s sgru13? }{ow do you play?

i mean come ON now

aw youre blind
that totally sucks man 38/

so what if theyre evil
i think that just makes em even cooler

whale ive been dead for some time now
i dont know exactly how long ive been dead tho
an sgrub is this game that warps reality an ship
its reely cool but you can die for reels
you basically krill imps an monsters and earn grist
an you alchemise stuff an build stufff
an sometimes you god tier which is when you die on your quest bed
but you revive a little bit later an get bitchin powers
you sea im the thief of life so i get to steal peoples lives an use it for ma own or some ship
it aint that useful anymore tho